Eleven8Create Design Emporium

Eleven8Create Design Emporium was established in 2009 and for founder Heidi Barker, it provides the ultimate outlet for individual expression and a showcase for creative talent.

Inspiration for Eleven8Create's work is drawn from many different influences and sources - colour, symmetry, light, mood, pattern, bygone style & vintage glamour, fashion, music, furnishings, beautiful objects, nature, globetrotting, European architecture, photography, adventure and the people who share our life and story. Eleven8Create brings you a truly personal product, designed solely for you to cherish. It is our intention to bring the art of beauty, ambience and celebration into everyday life. After all, 'to create is to journey'... and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Interior Styling with Eleven8Create

For all your interior design and interior styling requirements, you need look no further than Eleven8Create. Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, and with over 8 years experience here and abroad, you can be confident that Eleven8Create will be able to satisfy your style requirements.

With a strong focus on the home environment, Eleven8Create works closely with the building and allied industries in creating the style you desire, a solution that has both 'the wow factor' and functionality.

Bespoke Stationery from Eleven8Create

What began as a few cards for a friends birthday party has now mushroomed into Eleven8Create Bespoke Stationery. Our bespoke stationery is just that, we can put together any and every celebratory, announcement, marketing, advertisment requirement you may have and at affordable prices.

Eleven8Create bespoke stationery provides a rare opportunity for you to create a beautiful and lasting piece of paper art. This is your chance to showcase your personal style and provide your intended recipients with something special. Whether you have your own design idea in mind or nothing at all, Eleven8Create will work in partnership with you to turn your stationery dreams into reality. We pride ourselves on presentation, ensuring your creation will arrive beautifully packaged and freshly made with lots of TLC

Art de Mémoire by Eleven8Create

Everybody has keepsakes but seldom are they displayed. That is exactly where Eleven8Create comes in with its unique concept of Art de Mémoire. Born out of a love of keepsaking life’s magical moments and complimented by the artistic freedom of collage and object placement, Eleven8Create proudly introduce to you our Art de Mémoire.

Take those memories or keepsakes and display them in an artform! Each piece is unique and only requires a few moments of your time before Eleven8CReate gets to work its magic and create an invocative reminder of times past.

Blogging with Eleven8Create

As a Design Emporium, Eleven8Create is constantly immersed in a sea of influences and awash with creative ideas. The Eleven8Create blog has been set up as a forum to share those influences and ideas with you in the hope that they may be a source of inspiration to others.

Read about the latest trends in fashion and style both here and abroad, get ideas for your next project, or simply peruse the archives and reward you visual senses. But don't let Eleven8Create have it all their own way, comment and critique are always encouraged... afterall, design thrives on differences.

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